Wing Chun Long Pole


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Each Wing Chun pole measures 8.5 feet in length, and tapers smoothly from 1.5 inches down to 1 inch at the tip. Every pole is balanced perfectly, and has a good weight which helps generate wrist, forearm and shoulder power through training

The poles are finished by hand with Chinese Tung oil which hardens the wood further and produces a very natural looking finish. Wing Chun long poles of this quality are very hard to find.


Delivery charge for this item is £9.95 please select this when proceeding with order. If not then order will be cancelled.


The cost of this wooden dummy was correct at the time of display however is subject to manufacturer change at any time, the price will be confirmed and any changes will need to paid for before the order is placed.

Delivery charge for this item is approximately £44.95 however this is subject to change and will be confirmed at the time of placing your order, please select this when proceeding with your order and then delivery charges will be confirmed before order completion. If this is not completed the order will be cancelled.

The item displayed may change from time to time in the look and make.

Please note is it recommended to check the price of these items before placing an order and this can be done directly with your instructor.


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