Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools

Masters Course Terms and Conditions


Masters Course Overview

The Masters course is the top-level course of Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools and is structured and run by the governing body with the aim of developing its instructors past the level of the 12th student , It is set to focus the attention on the direction of mastering the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu

The Master course forms part of the instructor training Course and should only be committed to by those wishing to Master the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and become a Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Instructor.

Masters qualification timelines

The Masters course consists of achieving the 4 pre-master testing levels and a final testing as a master in the Wing Chun Kung Fu System, these qualifications are obtained following the 12th student grade.

The following time scales are a continuation of the 12th student grade and not in place of however Master Pre-testing days are allowed from any point of joining the Masters course:

  • Master Level 1 (18 months from passing the 12th Student grade)
  • Master Level 2 (24 months from passing the 1st Masters Grade)
  • Master Level 3 (36 Months from passing the 2nd Masters Grade)
  • Master Level 4 (48 Months form passing the 3rd Masters Grade)
  • Master Level 5 (60 Months from passing the 4th Student grade)

The above time scales are for average students maintaining a base level of weekly classes, those putting in additional training sessions and who are actively teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu can pass these qualifications up to 50% quicker however is subject to the governing bodies strict oversight.

Master Course Pre-testing

The Master course has pre-testing days that give the student an opportunity to receive feedback as to how well they are doing regarding their progression.

The pretesting is a mock test, you can not fail this test however it will be treated like the actual test and is a great opportunity to see how well you are moving forward and the liklyhood of passing the actual test

You are given time to work through the set material and make notes on where and what needs improvement so you can go back to class and work on that material.

How many pretesting you do is a personal decision based on your belief in passingthe Main test, you may decide that you do not need to pretest or you may want to do one or two to gain some feedback and then go for the test, the 6 pretesting days are optional for you however are free and included in the overal main testing fee.

Who can Teach the Masters Course

The master’s course is an organisational course and only instructors authorised to teach on behalf of the governing body are permitted to teach the Master course to students at Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools

Qualified Instructors must be Sifu Level 3 certified and be proactively training on the Sifu Level 4 or Level 5 courses to assist in the teaching of the Masters Course, those certified as Sifu Level 4 and 5 are permitted to teach in full.


Authorised Training, Times and Locations

The Masters course is a Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools organisational course and only authorised instructors are to teach on behalf of the governing body, Instructors must be certified to Sifu Level 4 or 5 to be permitted to teach the correct up to date material and curriculum for this course.

Students must attend sessions with an authorised instructor to receive their master’s training only.

Current Qualified Instructors are:

Sifu Scott Rowlinson, Head Instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools

Training available at:

Fulham London 19.30 to 20.30

Maidstone Kent 18.15 to 19.15

Where a school cannot support a Master class timetable then this may be taught in all other Advanced and Basic Class timetables or at a time that suits the instructor.

Where Instructors who are not licensed to teach the master’s course however place students onto the course then they must allow the student to train in a location with a level 4 or 5 Sifu qualified Instructor

Requirements of the Masters Course Students


Students on the master’s course will be expected to teach the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu Under the governing body of Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools, this may be for either Adults or Children and/or both and a review/questionnaire will be issued to begin the process of becoming a professional Instructor.


Master students must attend class in full uniform without exception which includes as a minimum Trousers and T shirt, all training equipment should be purchased from Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools to enhance any training required.

Master Uniform being Black with Red writing should be purchased in advance of passing the Master level 1 qualification, this can be ordered directly with your instructor and should only be worn upon passing your Master 1 Qualification.


All students wishing to pass their Master Qualification should submit a minimum 3 page essay prior to testing detailing your journey so far to the 1st Level master or your development through of Wing Chun system and how this has enhanced your life through levels 2 to 5, “how have put your Kung Fu Journey into practice.

Payment Terms

Masters Tuition is currently set at £125.00 Monthly

This payment is due on or before the 1st of every month with no exceptions. Failure to make payment will result in your removal from the course.

Mitigating circumstances must be disclosed to the authorised instructor before payment date or payment will be expected on time.

Depending on your instructors authorised teaching level, this payment will be divided between your instructor and the relevant authorised instructor as follow:

For those in a Sifu Level 1 School:

£45.00 Basic course tuition payable to your own instructor

£80.00 Masters course tuition payable directly to the correct authorised Masters course instructor (Payable directly to the authorised instructor)

For those students in a Sifu Level 2 or Level 3 School:

£75.00 Advanced course tuition payable to your own instructor

£50.00 Masters Course tuition payable directly to the correct authorised Masters Course instructor (Payable directly to the authorised instructor)

For those students in a Sifu Level 4 or 5 School

£125.00 Direct tuition payment to your instructor

Additional Course costs and fees due for Master qualification

Similarly, to the Basic and Advanced training where you have grading fees, on the Masters course your simply have a one off testing fee.

The testing fee per Master grade is set at £500.00 and can be paid in one full amount or as follows:

£50.00 per Master Pre-Testing fee x 6

£200.00 Master testing day fee x 1

Master students have the option of applying straight for the master test if they wish however do also have the option of receiving up to 6 Pre-Testing days (Subject to a minimum attendance) so they can be evaluated as to the possibility of passing the main test if they wish

Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Master Testing is a pass or fail therefore pretesting is advised.


Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership to Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools is an optional fee up until the point of testing for the 1st Level Master qualification where the lifetime membership then becomes compulsory.

Prior to this test a student may renew their membership on an annual basis, however if you are on the Masters course it is recommended that a Lifetime membership is purchased as this becomes compulsory in the future and therefore you are saving money each year up the Master test

£250.00 Lifetime Membership and is only applicable once with no need to renew again.

These terms and conditions may be changed, updated at any time therefore please check with an authorised instructor for any updated.