Be part of what we think is the most exciting Martial Arts franchise in the UK.

Become a Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts Instructor and franchisee and let us help turn you into a well respected instructor of Children or adults at the heart of your community.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools has been teaching the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu for over 25 years and has been at the center of building instructors into the community, we have started and developed a huge number of instructors over this time and they have ventured all over the UK to pursue a career in teaching Martial arts.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools headed by Sifu Scott Rowlinson has a proven track record on people and team management which stretches back to his corporate management experience and team building within a multi national company in the UK

Your success is not limited by what you know, only limited to what knowledge you are prepared to accept and implement so why not take the step and join the team at Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools and be that future Wing Chun Martial Arts instructor helping others to learn and develop themselves in Martial Arts.


Looking for a change in career?

Interested in a Flexible working schedule?

Considering the Opportunity to grow your own business?


Highly motivated to help others?

Interested in flexible  working hours?

Having a business that works around your family?

An exciting opportunity


Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools are looking to rapidly expand within the UK and require motivated and inspired individuals or couples looking for the opportunity start and build there own business securing them a great future, you can be part of the most dynamic and flexible Martial Arts franchise in the UK today with an unlimited opportunity to grow.

The Offer:

Our franchisees will be granted the rights to use our well established brand and all systems that have been established to grow and develop successful part time and Full time Wing Chun Kung Fu martial Arts class and schools, You can start a Wing Chun Kung Fu School and fulfill a thriving student base in the area of your choice (Subject to area availability) you can establish your own classes for Teaching either children or Adults or both if you wish and operate a Wing Chun Kung Fu business within an exclusive territory, You will receive professional training, a comprehensive starter package with the benefit of continual ongoing support from our experienced team as well as Personal Mentorship from the head of the organisation to ensure your success.


This Opportunity is also perfect for those already teaching Martial arts and looking to add the Wing Chun Martial Arts system into your School time table and having an additional curriculum to teach with out taking anything away from there own Martial arts classes.

You will work directly with our team of Martial Arts experts who have all started there own Martial Arts classes from the beginning as well as the franchise team who help find you the right location that suit your goals, the right-sized facility that fits within your financial and investment criteria and matches the needs of the local community that you can be a part off.

Your franchisees’ skills, strengths and efforts will be matched with our proven track record, Our proven systems, methods and support to make your Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Franchise a huge success.

Enjoy the independence and freedom that comes with being your own boss, while building a business that gives you the lifestyle that you have always wanted, that work/life balance is assured once your classes are off the ground, not only do you improve your own mental and physical health you have the enjoyment of giving back to the local community by not only improving other people’s health and wellbeing, but also there confidence, knowledge and skill level in such a demanding life that we have around us.

This is your Martial arts business that you can take from the beginning to a large base with minimal expenditure at your own pace, A business to build and grow with the backing of our experience and support.

Find out whats involved in running your own school!


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