Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools

Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations have been outlined to uphold the safety of our students, parents and instructors.

Please take the time to read these and consider your actions when training or within the classroom environment.

    1. Entering the school

      • Always arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to the training session beginning and try not to be late
      • Bow towards the training hall when entering. To do this, stand facing the training area with your feet together, left hand as opened hand and right hand as a fist and bow looking forward
      • Once you have entered the training area, make sure you sign in and get yourself ready for the class
      • Never sit down and rest; use your time wisely and go over everything you have learned so far
      • Always refer to school owner as “Sifu” (teacher)
      • Address your instructors as either “Si-Hing” (senior brother) or “Si Jie” (senior sister)
      • When responding to Sifu or an instructor, address them using “sir” or “miss.” (ex: “yes, sir;” “no, sir;” “yes, miss;” “no, miss.” (This applies only to children.)
    1. Uniform and dress code

    You must always wear the appropriate clothing or uniform to class. If you do not wear the appropriate uniform to class, you will be rewarded accordingly (20 push-ups) and moved to the end of the class with beginners (White Sash/T-shirt). The appropriate dress code includes:

    • T-Shirt with Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Logo
    • Trousers with Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Logo
    • Sashes for children
    • Kung Fu Suit for children

    If you have no uniform, black trousers and white t-shirt should be be worn where possible during training.
    Please use the designated changing areas when changing in and out of your uniform and refrain from using the training area to get changed.

    1. Attendance

      • Please attend the classes designated for you to ensure sufficient learning and training for all students
      • Be on time! Wing Chun students late for the class will be rewarded with 20 burpees
      • There are no credits, make-ups, or refunds for missed classes
    1. Training and During the class

      • Line up from higher grade to lower grade as soon as the hall is free
      • Stand with your feet together and arms by your side as soon as you see the instructor walking onto the training area
      • Refer to your instructor by title
      • Bow to your training partner before training the same way as entering the school and after training the same way as exiting school
      • Please do not chew gum or eat food whilst training
      • Try not to sit around during a class. You are here to train!
      • Talking or playing in the training hall during a class should be limited to training only
      • No playing with the equipment in the training hall
      • You must bring and use your own weapons during a class
      • Have fun whilst training but always remember we are there to train, not to socialise, this can be done after class
      • Anyone who fails to do any of the preceding requirements will be subject to a reward (20 push-ups)
    1. Parents and Guardians

      Please remember that our Wing Chun Kung Fu classes are intended to develop your child’s respect, focus and discipline.

  1. In order to develop these skills, we ask that you follow the below regulations:
    • Respect:
      • If you are watching the class, you must remain as quiet as possible
      • Do not interrupt the class without good reason
    • Focus:
      • Electronic devices must be left on silent
      • If you must answer a call or deal with an upset youngster, please walk outside of the hall. Any distractions may affect a students performance in class
    • Discipline:
      • Younger children are not allowed to run around the hall due to safety
      • During the class, only the instructor has rights to discipline the children, tell them what to do or how to do things. Please refrain from interrupting the class unless requested to by the instructor
    1. Equipment

      • All students learning weapons or participating in sparring must purchase their own weapons and protective gear to train with
      • All students are responsible for bringing their own equipment to class and taking it home after class
      • All students must use their own weapons and protective gear in class
      • All students must treat weapons with the respect they deserve; they are not toys
      • Students not wearing protective equipment whilst training MUST NOT make contact with other students, this is for well being of those students that could be hurt as a result.
    1. After the class

      • All students must leave the class as soon as possible unless they are staying for the next session.
      • When exiting the class, you must show respect toward the training area by bowing.
    1. Testing/ Seminars

      • Testing and seminars must be booked one month prior
      • Testing fees and seminar fees must be paid 2 weeks prior as minimum.
      • Attendance at testing is reserved for students with an active membership. Failure to renew membership will result in the student losing their grades and they won’t be allowed in the class. See the Terms and Conditions for more information about training with an expired membership.
      • Failure to pay testing fees will result in you not being able to test
      • Seminar prices are based on who runs the seminar and how long it is for