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Wing Chun Kung Fu, Martial Arts Classes & Self Defence Classes. Martial Arts Training for Men, Women & Kids. Womens Self Defence Classes & Martial Arts Classes all levels, Basic Course, Advanced, Masters & Instructor Course. Martial Arts Classes UK

Martial Arts for Adults

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Martial art dedicated to the subject of self defence for adult students aged 13 and older. Wing Chun Kung Fu is unique as the Art fits to the person unlike many other forms of Martial arts where the person must fit to the art…    Read More…

Martial Arts for Children

Our Children’s program has been developed for the need to keep children safe and educated whilst having fun. Working through our programs to build confidence and self esteem whilst delivering the important life skills to help them grow into dedicated young adults… Read More…

Self Defence for Women

Wing Chun Kung Fu is for every one but as it was invented by a woman (Yim Wing Chun) it is great for women! The philosophy of the Wing Chun system gives the female student the ability to learn in an environment that allows them to stay and feel safe… Read More…


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The Basic Course

Our Wing Chun Kung Fu Basic course introduces our students to the Wing Chun system and the Wing Chun Kung Fu Curriculum, it allows you to begin your Wing Chun journey at a steady pace whilst giving you a solid foundation to move onto the advanced course when you feel ready. The basic course takes you on a well structured journey through the first 4 student grades.

Masters Course

Our Wing Chun Kung Fu Masters course is our top-level course, aimed at those wishing to master the art of Wing Chun in the shortest time possible, this is a MUST course for those on the journey to become a Wing Chun Professional Instructor! The Masters course teaches you the complete Wing Chun System by learning the Masters Degree material alongside that of the 12 student programmes and allows you to learn in half the time.

Advanced Course

Our Wing Chun Kung Fu Advanced course is for those students who have started on our Basic course and have decided that the Wing Chun System is right for them or for those inspired students wishing to gain a complete overview of the Wing Chun System quickly and understands that a small level of commitment is required to learn all of the 12 students grade programmes.

Instructor Course

Our Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor Training Course gives you the skills and knowledge to effectively teach the Wing Chun system under the brand of Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools. This course is aimed at those looking for a new career, an additional working environment or to increase a student’s skills on their journey to Wing Chun mastery, we teach you everything that you will need to run a part time or full time Wing Chun Kung Fu School.