Self Defence for Women

Self Defence for Women

Wing Chun Kung Fu is for every one but as it was invented by a woman it is great for women!

Wing Chun is a soft martial art, which means we do not counter strong, hard attacks with hard attacks, instead using our structure to take away our opponents force.

Wing Chun is a self defence martial art, and so as you progress through our material, you will find that you gain the confidence to deal with a confrontation.

As it is a full body martial art, you will be able to build your fitness without the need for a gym.

Wing Chun Kung Fu schools are a great place to gain the confidence, self defence skills and fitness levels you desire and more, building a strong Martial Arts community with our female students leading the way.

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Women


For the many women, the thought of attending a martial arts class can be daunting; the prospect of getting hurt as well as being in a male dominated environment can be very intimidating.

One of the great things about Wing Chun Kung Fu is that it is said to be the only martial art founded by a woman and takes its name from its legendary ‘founder’; Yim Wing Chun.   In Chinese Wing Chun literally means ‘beautiful springtime’ or ‘everlasting spring’.

With this in mind the philosophy of the Wing Chun Class room is very different to others and gives the female student the ability to learn in an environment that allows them to stay and feel safe yet be given the confidence to train in a way where the newfound skills and ability can be developed against predominantly those that it will be needed against in real life situations.

The Wing Chun System is dedicated to work for everyone and certainly lends itself to those of us with a smaller stature and of a weaker position, this is because it relies on theories and concepts as opposed to brute strength. Wing Chun is about understanding body mechanics and the use of efficient movement rather than set techniques that may not work against different people. Its about how to avoid using strength and force and a successful student will learn to use their body structure correctly; this is a key element in Wing Chun practice.

Weight Loss and Fitness


Get fit and lose weight whilst learning a form of self-defence!

Wing Chun is based on technique rather than strength and involves natural cardiovascular exercise compared to many Martial Arts that rely on brute strength, making it ideal for women.

What is great about Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools training is that our classes are designed to motivate you to maintain continued exercise in a way that is effortless yet you see great benefits on your journey.

Within the classes you will improve your cardio fitness, tone up and gain the shape that you are looking for, as well as de-stress through working out with various pad-punching drills and other partner training exercises.

Confidence and Self Esteem

Wing Chun Kung Fu for women is a great tool for building and shaping your mind, in particular your confidence levels and self esteem.

Confidence is grown by the intake of knowledge, from a self defence perspective we may hold on to a lack of confidence as we fear being attacked by others and do not have the knowledge to deal with this. Your martial arts classes are designed to grow this area of your confidence as you progress through our programmes.

As you start to become more comfortable with the material, you will feel more and more capable, increasing your self esteem in the process.

Women’s only Self defence courses

One day Women Only Self Defence courses are a great way to introduce yourself to learning the basics of Wing Chun in a female only environment.

As a dedicated group it means that you can work through the material in a comfortable manner.

The instructor will introduce you to the key subjects of self defence and work through a well written curriculum so at the end of the one day course you have a good foundation to work with.

Unfortunately in the world of self defence there is no substitution for ongoing personal development in this subject and you will either feel confident enough to continue your training or feel a little more confident in your day to day surroundings.

Please enquire below if you are interested in a one day course and the instructor will contact you directly.

What Equipment And Uniform Do I Need?

The Wing Chun classroom is a very relaxed place to be and depending on the development of the school would depend on the structure in place for its students and uniform required, as a new student trying out the classes, clothing and footwear that is comfortable and relaxing is perfect, as soon as you feel its appropriate and wish to take your training a little more seriously then the instructor will guide you on what would be appropriate for your training.


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