What is a Wing Chun Instructor

A Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial arts instructor is an indivdual that posseses the knowledge and ability to teach and pass on a set curriculum to others and effectively help students to grow and develop in the Martial Art system

Other qualities such as personal and work Ethics as well as Integrity are amoungst many traits that a Martial arts instructor should hold for themselves and pass on to their student base and peer group.

What makes you a good Wing Chun Instructor?

The following 4 traits give a solid foundation to be turned into a good instructor, these are not conclusive and just a starting point that you need however these are the fundamental starting point for your journey!

Rapport Building  Quantities

Instructors must have the ability to strike up and build rapport with potential and future students.

This is key to engaging your new students and starting that relationship for the future.


Instructors must be able to build and maintain relationships with others, Your students can and should be with you for many years to come and it is important that you are able to manage and keep these relationships.

Communication & Social Skills

Instructors must be an effective communicator and have social skills that allow you to interact with others.

Communication is key to passing on your knowledge and helping others grow and develop

Product Knowledge

Instructors must be able to learn the product that they are giving to others.

Surprisingly this is the last trait of a good instructor, your knowledge of your product means nothing if you are not able to maintain the first 3 qualities.

A good Instructor should understand that their personal ability in the Art of Wing Chun has near enough nothing to do with teaching Students, to teach students you simply need to be able to pass on a fixed Curiculum for your student to work through.

With time and training your own Wing Chun ability will grow and due to your hours of training compared to your students should superceed there ability.

If you do not wish to Master the Art of Wing Chun then you teach the Fixed Curiculum and then allow an Organisatonal Instructor to teach through seminars and Private sessions to enhance and add value for your and your student base.

What is involved in becoming a Wing Chun Instructor

It is a misconception that you have to be a Martial arts Master of the Wing Chun System to be able to teach the art or at least the beginning of the art to others! An instructors journey has to start somewhere and it cant start at the end of your own training!

Being a fully developed, well trained and well rounded Instructor does (And do not have any doubt) take many many years, Any where up to 15 years if we have to put a timeline on it, however to pass on knowledge and to gain a base level of students who wish to learn from you does not take this long, in fact you can get started fairly quickly and there are only a few traits that you need to pocess at the start.

Detailed below is the breakdown of how Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools details the journey of the expert Wing Chun Martial Arts instructor.

The Sifu Title (Meaning Teacher) is an approximate journey of 15 years and is detailed below as Sifu Levels:

Who can access our Instructor training

A Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Student

A current or previous student of Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools wishing to develop there understanding of the Wing Chun System and moving in the direction of a new career or having a teaching path as part of their life.

A person over 18 looking to start a new Career

Any person over the age of 18 who is capable of learning the skills required (As detailed in these pages) is able to become part of the fastest growing Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation in the UK

Is there anthing that I might have done in the past that could help me with my new career?

If you have some Martial Arts experiance this could help you, It could though also hinder you
If you are a highly and self motivated indivdual who wants to gain results this will help you!
If you come from a background of teaching, this could help you
If you come from a background of doing sports this will help you!
If you already teach Martial Arts and want to add Wing Chun this works well!
If you come with a blank canvas of wanting to learn this will help you!
If you have experiance in business this will help you!

Instructor Levels and Qualifications

The Following Sifu Levels represent an instructor who is non organisational qualified and can only demonstrate that they have gained the knowledge and skill to pass the Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools student curiculum on to the student, this does not directly relate to any personal development or personal guidance that a Martial Arts Instructor might give, this additionally does not represent an Instructors personal ability at applying Wing Chun.

Each Sifu Level represents 3 years of teaching to that Phase of the curiculum and the instructor can either work through these each 3 years or run each phase of teaching alongside each other.

Sifu Levels


Sifu Level 1

This is the first stage of becoming a fully qualified instructor and allows the teacher to learn and pass knowledge of all curiculum based material for Phase 1 (The first 4 student programmes)

Sifu Level 2

Stage 2 of becoming a fully qualified instructor and allows the teacher to learn and pass knowledge of all curriculum based material for Phase 2 (The 4 Intermediate student programmes)

Sifu Level 3

Stage 3 of becoming a fully qualified instructor and allows the teacher to learn and pass knowledge of all curiculum based material for Phase 3 (The 4 Senior student programmes)

The Following Sifu Levels are the finising parts of your overall Sifu (Teacher Qualification, The Sifu Level 4 and Sifu Level 5 represent that you are qualified to teach on behalf of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Organisation and able to teach the full curiculum of Wing Chun Kung Fu as well all aspects of Martial Arts and Personal Development that fall with in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Sifu Level 4

Stage 4 being the Sifu Level 4 means that you are now learning to teach Master students wishing to Master the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Sifu Level 5

The Sifu Level 5 is the goal and represents a full 15 years of learning to become a fully qualified Wing Chun Instructor who has passed through the teaching of all student levels and for both Children and Adults

Who is suitable to be a Wing Chun instructor?

Any person who is over the age of 18

A person who can demonstrate a clear dsclosures check

Any person over the age of 18 can apply from the Governing body and organisation to take purchase a Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Franchise

A enhanced DBS check must be performed by the Governing body and returned as clear, Previous DBS checks from other Organsations cannot be used.

Whats the difference between and Instructor and a Franchisee

The Martial arts Industry is a self governing entity, this means that it is responsible to it self to ensure that UK Government guidlines are followed and adhered to at all times where the general public are involved however the industry is not directly regulated by any one particular Government department body.

A Martial Arts Organisation is therefore formed by an indivdual who accepts responsibility to ensure that all policies and procedures are in place to allow indivduals (Instructors) wishing to teach to the general public and that they are checked and monitored in the best practise and ethical standards.

The term Franchise is therefore used (In this case Meaning The Organisation) to deliver an Organisations polices and procedures to the general public through there instructors.

The Term Instructor is used meaning an indivdual who wishes to be part of a specific organistion/Franchise and wishes to deliver the information from the organisation as this would be too much for an indivdual to do and maintain, this can be the specific Martial Arts curiculum, Personal Development information or Business systems to implement all material correctly and of course to ensure that the UK Government Guidelines are followed at all times.

Find out whats involved in running your Franchise!

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