School Franchise Details

Lets be clear, Owning any franchise does not mean that the owner has to understand how to deliver or make the product that the Franchise is based on! It helps to have an interest in the opportunity of course as we must be motivated and inspired to grow and develop the franchise that you are purchasing however the direct link between being the expert for that product or service verses owning the business does not have to align exactly

The owner of a Subway Franchise does not need to be able to make subs!

The owner of a MacDonalds Franchise does not need to know how to stand in the kitchen and make a burger!

The owner of a National Rail company does not need to know how to drive a Train!

Do you see the comparison here? The owner of a Franchise needs to be able to Implement the business systems that, that Franchise model utilises and they can put a good team in place to deliver the product that the Franchise is based upon, this is true for our franchise however the challenge that you may find is that you cannot just pick Martial Arts instructors up of the shelf, a Martial Arts instructor takes many years to develop and with a Wing Chun Martial Arts franchise the franchisee would normally have the main interest in the product and look to develop themselves in with the art as they grow and develop the Franchise at the same time.

For the Wing Chun Franchise to work the above it true and you can work it both ways but of course this individual would benefit from having an interest in Martial Arts, an interest in Wing Chun Kung Fu as this as a product is a little different from a burger or a vehicle, With Martial Arts you are delivering an understanding of a subject to your customers and you are changing and developing your customers ability in the art and changing there ability in for example the subject of Self Defence therefore to understand this subject is of course beneficial.

What is involved with your new Franchise

Your Franchise is very much linked to the Sifu Levels that were explained on the previous page and as you would expect you would at some stage be required to work through those levels if you wanted to gain the most from your Franchise!

However a good understanding of the Wing Chun Kung FU Schools curiculum and how to communicate this to others is by far more important that your own level of ability as a young Instructor!

Detailed below is the breakdown of what is involved from the Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools break down the journey of the expert Wing Chun Martial Arts instructor.

Franchise Cost and Area exclusivity

As you would expect being a Franchise we charge an upfront fee to secure your Franchise opportunity, this fee is based on one months expected gross turnover

This start up fee also includes the training required to start your new school and classes but excludes any personal Wing Chun training.





per month/per group

Area License Fee’s

An area license fee secures your rights to teach adult or children in the specified area of your choice (Subject to availability)

Student Memberships

Student Memberships are submitted for each new enrollment achieved and are processed on behalf of the Organisation.

Clothing and Equipment

Clothing and Equipment for Students are purchased through the organisation and processed on behalf of the students.

Student Grading fee’s

All students in Martial arts who wish to grade do so Under the Organisation and these fees are collected on behalf of the organisation.

How do our Sifu Levels fit in to your new business model.

Sifu Level 1

The Sifu Level 1 qualification allows the Instructor to teach all Curriculum material of Phase 1 for both Adults and Children, This covers the first 4 student programmes/Grades and is a basic introduction to Wing Chun Kung Fu and Martial arts

Sifu Level 2 and Sifu Level 3

The Sifu Level 2 and 3 qualification allows the Instructor to teach all Curriculum material of Phase 2 and Phase 3 after demonstrating a base level of ability to teaching Phase 1, this is for both Adults and Children and covers the first student programmes/Grades 5 through to 12 and is a overview of the complete Wing Chun system and Martial arts.

Sifu Level 4

The Sifu Level 4 qualification allows the Instructor to teach the Curriculum material of Phase 4 being the Masters Curriculum to Masters Level 2, this is taught following the completion and demonstration that you can hold students through grade 1 to 12 and that you wish to progress to becoming an instructor acting on behalf of the Organisation.

Sifu Level 5

The Sifu Level 5 qualification means that you have passed all levels of the Wing Chun teacher and falls in line with the expectation of the journey of a Martial Arts Instructor.

Sifu Level 5 Allows you to teach on behalf of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Organisation and help with the development of all future instructors, Schools systems and regional and area growth throughout the UK.

The Adult Courses

Adult Basic Course

A Sifu Level 1 Instructor is able to introduce future student to the fundamental basics of Wing Chun, this is classed as the beginner student phase and therefore as a Sifu Level 1 you only need to pocess the ability to pass on a basic understanding of the inital movements as set out in our teaching programme, having between 25 and 50 students will allow you to move on to Sifu Level 2 and 3.

Adults Advanced Course

The Sifu Level 2 and 3 allows you to teach the adult advanced course, this is designed to develop the student past grade 4 of the basic training and moving them on through grades 5 to 12 this is a complete overview of the Wing Chun system and your depth of knowledge of Wing Chun is only limited to a overview of the 12 programmes of a student with a fixed curiculum.

Adults Masters Course

The Sifu Level 4 teacher for adults now takes on the role of teaching on behalf of the organisation moving into a high level teaching role, The Instructor will now learn to teach the Masters course curriculum to take the student to a deeper level of understanding as to how the student programmes were built and helping the organisation to produce good Masters of the Wing Chun System throughout the uk.

Adults Instructor Course

Sifu Level 5 is the final part of the Sifu qualification and full certification for your Instructor journey.

Once Qualified you are an acting Sifu under the organisation and should be free to expand and grow your knowledge and ability in Teaching adults, on this level you learn to educate future Wing Chun Instructors and help the organisation to grow its instructor base throughout the UK

Please note

A master of Wing Chun is not a Sifu of Wing Chun, these two titles mean different things!

The Children Courses

Children Basic Course

A Sifu Level 1 Instructor for Children introduces the childrens curiculum to beginner students who range from ages 4 to 12, this is set to give the child a start and foundation in the classroom envirnoment and gain a basic standard for the children to show that they have the aptitude to take on the Wing Chun Curiculum when they wish to move onto the next level of training.

This will allow you to gain up to 25 to 50 students as a new Instructor

Children Black Belt Course

The Sifu Level 2 and 3 Instructor level for children allows you to be able to move the children on past the basic training and to progress them to learn the Adult Wing Chun Curiculum in the classroom.

The Phase 1 Adult Curiculum is now taught and the children will demonstrate that they can take the start of the class and be educated on developing there communication skills, they will also engage basic weapon training into the class structor.

Children Masters Course

The Sifu Level 4 children’s Instructor moves you onto teaching phase 2 and phase 3 curiculums of the Adult Wing Chun system, this course is designed to prepare the children for the adults classes and to start the Mastery of Wing Chun.

Sifu Level 4 shows that you are part of the Organisation Instructor group and able to offer guidance and tuition to a high standard and level

Children Instructor Course

The Sifu Level 5 means that you are now a direct authority on teaching Children the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu as a fully qualified Instructor

Sifu Level 5 means you are an Instructor acting on behalf of the Organsaiton and helping younger Instructors in starting there childrens classes and heloing with Gradings and Seminars as well as holding your own successful children classes

How does a Wing Chun Kung Fu Franchise Work for your area

All of our locations are placed into a Banding System giving you a clear understanding of the location expectations and growth opportunites.

Active School


A Wing Chun School which has:

  • up to 50 Active Students
  • £5000.00 Monthly Gross sales

Business School


A Wing Chun School which has:

  • up to 100 Active Students
  • £10000.00  Monthly Gross sales

Commercial school


A Wing Chun school which has:

  • up to 150 Active Students
  • £15000.00 Monthly Gross sales

Development School


A Wing Chun School which has:

  • up to 200 Active Students
  • £20000.00 Monthly Gross sales

Enterprise School


A Wing Chun School which has:

  • up to 300 Active Students
  • £30000.00 Monthly Gross sales

Flag Ship School


A Wing Chun School Which has:

  • up to 400 Active Students
  • £40000.00 Monthly Gross sales

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