Wing Chun Adult Sparring Pack



Wing Chun Kung Fu Adult Sparring Pack

Looking to put a bit of realistic training to your Wing Chun. The Wing Chun Sparring pack offers all you need to pick up the pace and put the pressure on well sparring.

Shin Guards £55.00

Body Armour £55.00

Head Gear Full Face £40.00

MMA style Mitts £25.00

Quality Gum shield £10.00

Knee Strike Pads  £20.00

Elbow Pads  £10.00

Large Kit Bag  £35.00

Total Cost £250.00
Save 20% discount
makes it £200


Additional information

Body Armour

Large Body Armour, Medium Body Armour, Small Body Armour

Elbow Pads

Large Elbow Pads, Medium Elbow Pads, Small Elbow Pads

Head Size

Small Head Size, Medium Head Size, Large Head Size

Knee Pads

Large Knee Pads, Medium Knee Pads, Small Knee pads

Sparring Mitts

Small, Medium, Large

Shin Pads

Small Shin Pads, Medium Shin Pads, Large Shin Pads


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