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Welcome to team 0f Wing Chun Kung Fu, who are working hard each and every day to develop the Wing Chun Martial Arts System throughout our schools.

Sifu Scott Rowlinson

Sifu Scott Rowlinson Instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu in the UK

Sifu Scott Rowlinson 4th Technician Grade

Sifu Scott Rowlinson began his journey in Wing Chun Kung Fu following a friends recommendation that he should look at trying the Art, Looking back and remembering that very first class with Master Andrew Cameron in an Old Church in the Pantiles of Tunbridge Wells, Sifu Scott recalls it was exactly what he had been looking for since starting his Martial Arts Journey, Being introduced to Master Andrew Cameron in 1992 was a life choice that he has never regretted and constantly looks back on as he reflects on his life to date.

Sifu Scott Rowlinson Started his Martial Arts training at the age of 6 when his father took him along to a Judo class, his Father had been a keen Judo Practicianor for many years and as with most children was always being keen to follow in his fathers foot steps, many classes followed and Sifu Scott has many great memories of those early days and they truly inspired him to continue his journey in Martial Arts, His Judo classes finished after coming to a natural end when his father couldnt take him on a regular basis.

In his early teens and as he could now get around town on his own rather than relying on his parents decided to start his Karate training, The instructor that he found was Sensi Bernard Creaton who taught in a hired hall in Downswood, Maidstone, Sifu Scott trained as hard as he could until the age of 16 but always felt that there was something missing from this training.

His main reason for starting Martial Arts was to raise his self confidence and override the growing fear of bullying that was becoming more evident as he grew up, A very memorable point of why he finished his Karate Training was being told that you were not allowed to hit anyone as this may hurt them, this did not make sense to a young boy who was being hit by bullies and was being educated not to hit back, at that age with no answer to that point he decided to look for the answer else where.

Following Karate and watching many movies Sifu Scott found the Westree Boxing club in Maidstone, Sifu Scott recalls Boxing really opened his eyes to confronting fear, standing in front of another person who was prepared to hit you hard, this really started to change his mentality and was a great foundation to becoming a young man in his late teens, being completely honest though this did not answer the question, simply going from one extreme to the other did not answer the question that was still in his mind and believing that there was a Martial Art out there that was complete and that would satisfy all of the answers that one person might have to enhance his or her life was still waiting to be found!


Sifu John Kelly 2nd Technician Grade

Sifu John Kelly started martial arts at the age of 8 years old where he trained Shotokan Karate for 3 years. when he moved away from the area he had to change schools and studied in another Karate dojo for about a year.

Like most students at a young age Sifu john Kelly took a few years out of his training but likewise soon returned and decided to try Shaolin Kung Fu, unfortunately the instructor of the school left to go travelling and the school closed, then looking around for another school in the area decided to try Jeet Kune Do which he studied for some time before the main instructor stopped teaching and the classes changed in style, john says “I really loved training in Jeet Kune Do but everything I liked the most about this art had it’s basis in Wing Chun, so I started looking to study in that specifically”

Finally coming across Wing Chun Kung Fu Leamington Spa John took up studying under Sifu Scott Rowlinson and has been under his guidance for the last 7/8 years , with out doubt Sifu John Kelly has progressed a long way in this time and studying Wing Chun under Sifu Scott Rowlinson, for the last 5 and a half years I have been teaching both adults and children in our Wing Chun Kung Fu Leamington Spa Regional Headquarters and have now achieved my 2nd Technician Grade and i am also extremely proud that i have also retained several students having started them on their own journey, several of them have attained there own Technician grade in there own right and i have also have many senior students now who are training hard and looking forward to attaining there technician grades as well.


Si Hing Christopher Pole 1st Technician Grade

Si-hing Chris Pole did not have the opportunity of trying martial arts growing up as his parents could not afford extra curricular activities.

It was not until a year after college whilst looking for work that he had, had a talk with an employment advisory about his self confidence, they suggested martial arts as a way of meeting new people, developing communication skills and making new friends.

It was a few months later in February 2013 that Si-Hing Chris found work and by May of that year had an opportunity of trying a free class at our Wing Chun Kung Fu Leamington Spa School with Sifu John Kelly and Si-hing Nick Holland. Chris explained that Wing Chun Kung Fu offered a lot of opportunities to build the skills he had been looking for and enrolled to start his journey within Martial Arts.

It was not long before Si-Hing Chris had decided to set his goals within Martial Arts a little higher and started to train harder, attend more classes and make a move towards completing the goals that he had set himself each month.

By June 2014 Sifu Scott Rowlinson returned to full time teaching and began weekly private training and setting goals for Chris to take his first Technician Grade. He also began learning and participating in the kids classes with the goal of becoming an instructor.

As of January 2015 Si-Hing Chris decided to take a massive step in his journey of Wing Chun and Martial arts and took over the reigns as Head instructor of our Wing Chun Kung Fu Coventry School, With the knowledge and assistants given by Sifu Scott Rowlinson Si-Hing Chris has gained his first 10 students in the first 3 months of 2015 and is set for a great future as one of the many Instructors of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Chris Continues to Contribute to both the Leamington Spa and Coventry schools whilst developing his own technical skills and instructing and is eager to help others along that path too.

Nadine Reynolds

I have always had a strong interest in martial arts; growing up I tried Choi Kwang Do, boxing and Muay Thai, and although I enjoyed them there was always something missing. After graduating from university, I was looking for something new to try and decided to take up martial arts again. I tried an MMA class in my area to find that it was mostly fitness based, and again something was missing. I searched again and found our Leamington Spa school, and after an amazing complimentary class with Sifu John Kelly I immediately realised that Wing Chun was perfect for me; having a theory behind why I was doing each move and how to execute them was the missing piece.

Being open minded and eager to learn, I enrolled into the master’s course at the first chance I got. As I became better acquainted with Wing Chun and the organisation, the more I realised this was a career within my reach, and eventually I decided to become an instructor.

Wing Chun has completely changed me. My confidence, attitude and motivation have exponentially increased and it is clear to everyone who meets me that I am incredibly happy with the best decision I have ever made. I encourage you to be open minded and try Wing Chun, as you may end up finding your passion too.


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