Wing Chun Kung Fu

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Basic Course

The adult basic course is designed to get you started in Wing Chun and gain a great platform to move up to the higher level course to learn how to put into place what you have learnt.

Advanced Course

The advanced course is designed to give you a complete overview of the 12 student grades and to put into practise as well as develop what you have learnt on the basic course, this advanced course aso includes all Basic course material.

Masters Course

The Masters course is the ultimate course and include all material from the Basic and Advances course however is designed to take you all the way to Mastery of the Wing Chun System.

Instructor course

The Instructor course is designed to add the 3 other areas of Wing Chun that are needed to become an instructor and is combined with the knowledge base gained from the Masters course.


Basic Course

The Basic course for children is set to give them a great start in Martial Arts and the attributes to get them ready for Black Belt training and learning the Adult Wing Chun System .

Black Belt Course

The Black Belt course is our Adult Advanced course with the addition of the children weapons and Key lifeskills.

Childrens Masters course

For those children wishing to become a Master of Wing Chun and gives them the right foundation for when they move into the Adults training group.

Leadership Course

The Children Leadership course is the Adult Instructor course and is designed to give the children all of the key skills required to help and assist in classes ready for them to turn the age to be teaching for themselves in the future.

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