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Welcome to Wing Chun Kung Fu Hampstead Heath Martial Arts School, Wing Chun Hampstead Heath is one of our newest locations planned in our group of London Martial Arts Schools and dedicated to bringing the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts and self defence classes to the location of Hampstead Heath and the surrounding area in London.

Hampstead Heath Martial Arts Adult Wing Chun Classes

Adults Wing Chun 13 years – Onwards Wing Chun Hampstead Heath Martial Arts

What is Wing Chun ?

Wing Chun is an art that is suitable for anyone.

Wing Chun Hampstead Heath


It’s focus is based on shortest distance between the attacker and yourself and using effective, efficient methods of simultaneous attack and defence. With it being a responsive art the student goal is to not have to think about what it is doing but simply to respond without thought just like blinking and breathing.


It also builds a pre-fight mentality giving you a greater insight to the build up of an aggressive confrontation and how to deal with it.

Our Wing Chun training is split over 3 phases these being:

Phase One (Beginner Level Grades 1 – 4):

  • 1st form Siu Nim Tau (A Little Idea). Within this form the student learns arm positions.
  • Basic footwork helping the student understand leg mechanics and how by simply moving turning their leg can change a fight
  • Basic drills to help the student gain the understanding of flow and movement.
  • Straight Punch Defence – Jabs, Crosses
  • Low Punch Defence
  • Back Fist Defence
  • Hook Defence

Phase Two (Intermediate Level Grades 5 – 8)

  • 2nd Form Chum Kiu (Seeking the Bridge)
  • The student gains the ability to deal with close quarter fighting by using knees and elbows. Dealing with grappling, throwing and ground work.

Phase Three (Advanced Level Grades 9 – 12)

  • 2nd Form Chum Kiu (Seeking the Bridge)
  • The last phase deal with specialised area and how Wing Chun Is used to have an understanding of how to deal with counter kicking, knives and other striking implements, being involved in a situation where there is more than one opponent and control and restraint.

For more information of our Adults Wing Chun Curriculum click here

As the student reaches the end of each Phase they are tested either at the Hampstead Heath Martial Arts school or at our Regional Headquarters in London during this testing the student will revisit each grade in that phase covering specific elements. Once passing the phase the student is allowed to progress to the next phase.

The core elements of each class will be 6 subjects, these 6 subjects are as follows

  1. Forms – Siu nim tau, Chum kiu, etc
  2. Lat Sao – Learning and applying Wing Chun in a classroom environment
  3. Chi Sao – Learning to stick and feel your assailants pressure and react.
  4. Punches – Once a fight starts you have to be able hit someone hard if you are going to stop them, a great punch is your most useful tool.
  5. Steps – The better your foot work the more balance you have the quicker you can move and the harder you can hit, the importance of great footwork can not be overstated in the art of Wing Chun.
  6. Theory – Theory is the understanding and ideas behind how you should be and act as a Wing Chun martial artist. This will give you everything you need to apply the art to suit you as an individual.

Once the student has gained his/her 12th grade they can then set their goals to become a Technician of Wing Chun, here the student will learn the Biu Tze Form, Wooden Dummy Form, Butterfly Knives Form, Long Pole Form and finally achieving the Level of Master.

Each individual student is different and the style of Wing Chun they develop is their own.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Hampstead Heath Martial Arts

Hampstead Heath Children’s Martial Arts

Hampstead Heath Martial Arts Little Dragon Classes

Little Dragons (4 years – 6 years) Hampstead Heath Children’s Martial Arts

The Little Dragon classes are designed to help develop Balance, Confidence, Self Control, Discipline, Focus and many other Life Skills that will help prepare your child for their own journey.

Martial arts classes in Hampstead Heath for children

In this class we focus 80% on Life Skills and 20% on Martial Arts training. As your child becomes older the balance of Life Skills and Martial Arts changes to reflect the level of ability your child has gained.

The Wing Chun Martial Arts classes cover 4 areas to help develop the basic skills of your child i.e. self control, the ability to listen without fidgeting and follow instruction with added fun in everything they do.

Each class is split into different sections and these are as follows.

  • Prep Zone – This time is 15 minutes before class starts and this is where your child can practice what they have been learning or if a new student trialing a class this is where the instructor can explain several things regarding your child’s 1st class.
  • Student Creed – The student creed is an oath the child makes to him/herself on how they are going to be act during the class and home and at school.
  • Fitness/Stretching and Breathing – In the 10 minute slot the child will go through a varies amount of exercising to get their hearts beating, once completing the fitness side of the class the child will be introduced to stretching and helping them keep flexible and last but not least breathing showing the child how to improve their lunge capacity with several slow deep breaths.
  • Drills for skills/recap –The child skill and understanding of their Curriculum begins to develop.
  • Curriculum – Your child is shown something new whether it’s a kick or another technique used. It shown in these several steps called IDEA (Introduce, Demonstrate, Explain and Action).
  • Word Of the Week
  • Game
  • Finish class

For more information of our Little Dragons Curriculum click here

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Hampstead Heath Martial Arts

Children’s Martial Arts

Hampstead Heath Martial Arts Junior Warrior Classes

Junior Warriors (7 years – 12 years) Hampstead Heath Children’s Martial Arts

Within the Junior Warriors Journey we focus more on their Martial Art training and ability, We start to introduce them to Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts.

The class structure follows the same layout as the Little Dragons Martial Arts class.

Hampstead Heath Martial Arts Juniors

Wing Chun is a practical art and is designed so that anyone can use it to protect themselves in a confrontational situation.

For more information of our Junior Warriors Curriculum click here

By the time your child reaches the age of 13 they will have developed Leadership skills as the Instructor will have the older age group of 10 – 12 year students leading certain parts of the class, this is designed to help to build confidence, self esteem and the go to attitude Wing Chun encourages throughout your child’s journey.

As you can see from the moment your child enters the school there is no downtime. The class itself is nonstop.

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 Wing Chun Kung Fu 

 Hampstead Heath Martial Arts

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

 Hampstead Heath Martial Arts

Would you like to become a student?

If you would like to make an enquiry and attend a free complimentary class as a personal guest of Sifu Scott Rowlinson at our Wing Chun Kung Fu Hampstead Heath Martial Arts school then please complete the contact us form below.

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Would you like a career in Martial Arts?

If you have ever considered a career as a Martial arts Instructor there is no better time than now to take that first step, at our Wing Chun Kung Fu schools we are dedicated to the progression and development of Wing Chun Kung Fu in the United Kingdom and can offer any help that you need to get you started on your new career path with Wing Chun Kung Fu.